Who we are

David Evans Luxembourg based financial advisor specialising in retirement solutions and pensions.

Through my company, The Spectrum IFA Group I can offer a wide range of Insurance based solutions from an extensive list of suppliers, providing clients with security and tax efficiency either now or in the future.

At Spectrum we do not charge for our analysis and advice, and of course there is no obligation for you to follow any of our suggestions. Before making any suggestions we conduct a full and comprehensive financial profile meeting taking current and future needs into account. The quality of our advice depends on the quality of the information gathered at that time.

At Spectrum we do not take initial commission on funds (see the Client Charter). In the event there is an unavoidable commission on a fund or structured product we refund this to our clients by way of an extra allocation. We are not Investment Managers and therefore do not charge additional management fees. Investment Management is a 24/7 operation best left to the professionals, our role is to match the right professionals to our client’s attitude to risk.

The Spectrum IFA Group has offices in Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. This gives our advisers access to colleagues with experience and an understanding of tax rules in common European retirement locations.